Russia’s Rival to Versailles, France

Most people in the west have heard of the world renowned fountains and palace in Versailles. Far fewer have heard of Peterhof (Петергоф). The smart thing to do is to visit the park BEFORE the fountains are switched off (just before winter, sometime in November), although the park is surreal with a lack of crowds in winter, covered in snow and eerily quiet.

Peterhof in Winter.

The tour of the palace, talks about the history of the building throughout Tsarist times and goes to great length to outline the opulence and luxury throughout the palace.

The place was heavily bombed in WWII by the Germans and much restoration has been undertaken in order to restore it to its former glory.

Despite the onset of winter, the squirrels still run out to play and look for nuts.

The lack of crowds makes for a different impression compared to the crowded summer peak season.

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5 Responses

  1. Natalie says:

    I just recently found your blog and was reading your earlier entries from when you traveled through SE Asia.

    I was just wondering how you were able to find internet connection (I noticed you posted several entries in each month).


  2. Ivan says:


    South East Asia has plenty of internet cafes and wireless hotspots. I travel with a netbook and have had no problems in Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia finding access to the internet.

    In fact, out of all the places I’ve been, I’ve really only had difficulty in Kyrgyzstan finding internet access that’s not too expensive.


  3. ak says:

    you’ve misspelled петергоф and there is a wiki link:Петергоф


  4. Ivan says:

    Cheers dad.

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