Fun New Years Celebrations in Egypt

Ever overpay for new years celebrations? $100+ dollars to go on a boat cruise where the boat is over-packed, the lines for the bar are too long and the music sucks?

Is there an alternative?

We happened to be in Dahab for New Years ;a beach town on the Red Sea coast, renowned world wide for its amazing scuba diving and snorkelling.

Every restaurant up and down the strip is having specials on seafood – 20% off, free drinks, free dessert. Total cost for dinner – $10


On the left Marco and Linda from Montreal – met them on the Felucca. Next is Susan, with her brother Wilson on the far right, Chinese Americans who are such incredible people and myself and my sister Dasha.

Check out Susan’s travel writings Simply Everywhere, she’s an amazing photographer who has a photography blog. My sister, one of the biggest inspirations for my travels also has her own musings from her world travels – I Thought I’d Name My Bike Sasha.

After dinner, we meet with some CouchSurfers and head out to a free club to see in the new year.


The next club we head to wants a $10 cover charge, we get it down to $2 with a free drink included. We each order a $5 cocktail. Life is good.

How was your New Years?

For those of you heading to Dahab, I suggest getting in touch with Nader, he’s such an amazing person with so much knowledge of the area and a heart of absolute gold.

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    is it Sarah next to Mr Wilson?

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