San Luis Potosi–Camping at Tamul Waterfall

From Real de Catorce, we head with our new friends out to Ciudad Valles, the small town of Tanchanchin where we setup camp. The following day we head out for a kayaking trip out to Tamul Waterfall.


The best way to visit Tamul Waterfall, paddle power. We rent a couple of canoes and paddle upstream to the falls.


As we near the falls, there is one section where the current is so rough, it’s easier for everyone to disembark and for the guide to pull the canoe along the shore.


Along the way, some strange Mexican botany.


Our forty minutes of paddling rewards us with these wonderful waterfall pics of Tamul Waterfall.


The off-roaders and the tourists at Tamul Waterfall.


On the way back to camp we stop at a cave pool for a quick dip in crystal clear blue waters.

In the afternoon, we pack up camp, part ways with our friends, and head off towards the capital. We’re in no rush, we’ve had a great day, what better way to celebrate, than by pulling off to the side of the road, grabbing a beer and watching the sunset over the Mexican countryside.


Riding his bike, without a care in the world, this cool dude comes past us, says hello and we invite him to join us for beers. Life is great :)


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