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Yufei Li || Born in Liaoning, China. 1989.

AA Dipl. BA Arch(dist.) ARB/RIBA Part II

I was born in a small costal city in Northeast China. My childhood memory consists of a mixture of industrial infrastructure with exceptional icy landscapes. Two rivers flow through the city. While walking on the bridge one can watch the endless train past through the steaming cooling towers on the north horizon. To the south of the southern mountain there is the sea frost to pieces of ice in winter, with steel giraffes standing by the major harbour. I used to sat by the street, sketch out my little adventures. To me, those lines were roads rails and bridges. Lines drawn over the mountain, lines ran across the boarder, lines smashed to the sea.

Selected by a scholarship programme, I moved to Singapore at the age of 16. Being in the tropical atmosphere for four years, I still miss the distinctive seasons, the factory buildings with overhanging bridges and metal pipes, and the cracked ice surface on the sea. After A-levels, I chose to go back to the north.

During my undergraduate architecture study in Scotland, I felt the similarity between Dundee and my hometown. A post-industrial city, with a river to the sea. The past has been driven off while the new has yet to come. Outside my window there stood a red brick chimney, silently as a monument of the past glory. In winter, we climbed on the snowy slope of Mount Law, watched the beautiful sunset washing the opposite river bay to gold.

AA is the place where I consolidated what the past meant to me and contributed to my works. The lines are now free from my childhood drawings and extended to several projects about the memory, the latent remnants, the logic of natural system and the intimate relationship between us and the landscapes.

Architect is rather a role than an occupation for me. It provides me an opportunity to re-imagine the place we live in and the space we occupied. We draw out the plans and come across the lines. It is the moment when you step over a doorway, when you touch the wall, when you follow the pavement and climb up the contour. An architect is a thinker, a curator, a writer, a cartographer and an activist. An architect deals with but more than architecture.

[Honors and Awards]

Nomination for the RIBA President's Medals Bronze Prize (2013) Project Page

JT McLaren Award - Highest Aggregated Marks in Design (2013) ranked 1st in third year

AA Bursary (2015)

Singapore Ministry of Education Integrated Programme Full Scholarship (2005)

CMA (Chinese Musicians Association) Grade 10 in Piano (2002)


RIBA Part II, AA Diploma || Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK (2013-15)

RIBA Part I, BA Arch distinction || School of Architecture, University of Dundee, Dundee, UK (2010-13)

Victoria Junior College, Singapore (2005-09)